My youngest daughter came over today over tired.  She needed to sleep. Her three year old needed to play.  


Needless to say I played today.

But did find some time to sew.



Add two side boarders to Mini Dear Jane.   –   Nope try again Monday

Sew the center of the Caswell flower prepped yesterday.   –   Sewn

Prepare stems for block A-1 Caswell Quilt.   –  Prepared and partially sewn



Sew the 1857 block that I prepped Friday.  –  Finished

Sew two connecting sets on the Hexie quilt.  –  Finished

Rip the mistake on the baby quilt.  –  One side ripped

Walk to the end of the road and back.  –  Accomplished

Making a TO DO PLAN for TOMORROW is working so far. Tomorrow being Mothers Day,  my list isn’t too big.  I want to spend time with my family.

Prep the 2 pomegranates on the Caswell Quilt. Maybe also some leaves.

Still need to sew the third block of westering Women.

Happy Mothers Day for Tomorrow.

Kathleen Mary


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  1. Cute grandbaby! 🙂 I love making plans and most of the time I don’t get them all done but it helps keeping me sane. And even if I just get 1 done, I’m happy to have gotten that 1 thing done. 🙂

    • I used to make weekly plans but it did not work as good as this. This helps me focus. You are right even if I get one done that is good.

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