Moving Slow

Did not accomplish all that I put on my Monday list.

My plan for Monday.

Cut out the leaves on  block A-1 on the Caswell quilt.  DSCN2208 Yes I cut out the 15 paper patterns for the leaves and I managed to cut out 15 pieces of material to go with the paper patterns.  But I did not pin then to the block.  Nor did I do anything out the 5 tiny leaves.

I did cut the leaves and fabric while babysitting 3 small children at my daughters home.

When leaving to come home, somehow I managed to knock my forehead on the door to the Landcruiser.  Still can not figure out how I did it.

I saw stars and a few choice words came out of my mouth.  I drove home holding a bag of frozen peas on my head.  There is a BIG lump on my head.  The lump is about 3 inches long and 2 inches wide.

It hurts too much to sew the next block of the 1857 quilt that I had planned to do tonight.

Today during the day while playing with the girls, I was making believe crying. The girls thought it was funny. This is their interpretation me. DSCN2178DSCN2185



3 thoughts on “Moving Slow

  1. I seem to bump myself a lot and don’t know how I did it! I hope it feels better soon. My granddaughter laughs at my fake crying too! But if I shed a real tear she kisses me all over my face and makes me laugh. See I made it better! Life is great a 3!

  2. Save those photos for when the girls are about 16! Could be worth blackmail money. =) I’m so sorry you hurt your head and lost your sewing time. Sometimes my depth perception close up seems to be off lately. I hope the goose egg – because it really sounds like one! – goes down and you aren’t left with a headache.

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