My Tired Week May 15 to 21.

No way could I sew this past week.  I am hoping to make up for it this weekend. 

I looked at my beautiful material, ran my fingers over the, played with them, rearranged them but I knew if I sewed I would do the rip sip stitch.DSCN2236

Today I am making a list of what I would like to finish over the weekend.

1  choose fabric and start to prep for a Caswell block.

2  choose fabric and prep one block for The 1857 Album Quilt 

3  embroider the block I was going to embroider last weekend.  

4  start one Dutch Treat block

Ok that is enough for now.

At least I am getting my plan in order.

For dinner tonight I am making a pork roast.  I read yesterday to make better crackling the rind needs to be very very dry.  The article said to try a hair drier.DSCN2235

We will see if it works.

Happy Sewing Hugs,     Kathleen Mary

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6 thoughts on “My Tired Week May 15 to 21.

  1. The fabrics will be great for the blocks you mentioned. I hope you had time to stitch something today. The hairdryer idea sounds so odd! I’ll be interested to see how that went.

  2. I love your fabrics! Can’t wait to see the blocks you make with them. I do hope you are feeling less exhausted and that your hand is being co-operative.
    I was wondering why you were blow drying the meat! I love crackling – let us know if it made better crackling! My Dad always used to say a LOT of salt was needed, but never a hair dryer!

    • The fabric is just part of my stash. My hand is getting better. Just wish it was perfect.
      The crackling was yummy. Still probably could have used more salt.

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