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My Tired Week May 15 to 21.

No way could I sew this past week.  I am hoping to make up for it this weekend. 

I looked at my beautiful material, ran my fingers over the, played with them, rearranged them but I knew if I sewed I would do the rip sip stitch.DSCN2236

Today I am making a list of what I would like to finish over the weekend.

1  choose fabric and start to prep for a Caswell block.

2  choose fabric and prep one block for The 1857 Album Quilt 

3  embroider the block I was going to embroider last weekend.  

4  start one Dutch Treat block

Ok that is enough for now.

At least I am getting my plan in order.

For dinner tonight I am making a pork roast.  I read yesterday to make better crackling the rind needs to be very very dry.  The article said to try a hair drier.DSCN2235

We will see if it works.

Happy Sewing Hugs,     Kathleen Mary

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6 thoughts on “My Tired Week May 15 to 21.

  1. The fabrics will be great for the blocks you mentioned. I hope you had time to stitch something today. The hairdryer idea sounds so odd! I’ll be interested to see how that went.

  2. I love your fabrics! Can’t wait to see the blocks you make with them. I do hope you are feeling less exhausted and that your hand is being co-operative.
    I was wondering why you were blow drying the meat! I love crackling – let us know if it made better crackling! My Dad always used to say a LOT of salt was needed, but never a hair dryer!

    1. The fabric is just part of my stash. My hand is getting better. Just wish it was perfect.
      The crackling was yummy. Still probably could have used more salt.

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