Unbelievable, I did it. I set myself a goal this month to finish a quilt and I did!  Yippee for me.

I will pat myself on the back.  I feel wonderful.  Yippee!  I have not finished anything in a while.

Before you ask, no this is not me.  I made this baby quilt for my friends grandbaby.

This is before the binding was finished.DSCN2240

Here is the quilt after the binding was finished.DSCN2247

Linking up to RED LETTER QUILTS in the OMG: One Monthly Goal   end of the month, IT’S FINISHED here.

Happy Sewing to you,

Kathleen Mary



20 thoughts on “I DID IT

  1. Congratulations…this is too cute! Kathleen I saw your question about my applique…answered on the blog but came on over as well :
    Kathleen, All the blocks are from Nancy Hornback & Terry Clothier Thompson’s books. I have 2 : “Quilts in Red and Green” and “Red, Green and Beyond.” I’ve shown the books here and there on the blog before…they are so nice! Along with the quilts and block patterns they are historical…showing the quiltmaker and some bits of her life.

    • Thanks. I was wondering if you ever sew on you dear jane any more. I have stalled on mine. Other things have taken my interest.
      Kathleen Mary

    • I am pleased you thing I did a good job with the baby owl quilt. Do you have a blog? I would love to visit it.
      Kathleen Mary

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