Babysitting has taken up my time for the past couple of weeks.

When not babysitting, time was recovering from babysitting.

Being 65 and taking care of a 10 month old is a lot of work.  I enjoyed it but it was tiring.

A  few Dutch Treat blocks were sewn.DSCN2360

I am not enjoying them the way thought I would.  So for a while they are being put away.

Today I feel like working on The Caswell Quilt.

It will be on my sewing table as soon as this post is finished.

Block A-1.   My block will be similar but not exact.   I enjoy changing blocks to make it my own.


My start.




Add leaves and  pomegranates

DSCN2221Add Bird

DSCN2232DO NOT LIKE IT.  Try again.


Better but still not great.

Now to play with it some more to get it just perfect.

But that is for next time.

Happy Sewing,

Kathleen Mary 

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20 thoughts on “BABYSITTING

  1. I love your block and the way it is growing. It has been years since I did applique but found it relaxing.

  2. I understand about the babysitting and then the recovery period from the babysitting!!
    It’s so important to enjoy our hand stitching, and if you’re not feeling the love to take a break!

    • I have put away the Dutch Treat. There are too many other sewing things to make to stress over this one.

  3. I think you are being too hard on yourself! The blocks look lovely! I also like your dutch blocks, but I know what it is like to ‘like’ a project, but not have the enthusiasm to finish it just at the moment. Good luck with the babysitting! I don’t think age has anything to do with it! 10 month olds are just a lot of work!

    • Catherine, you are so lovely. I have put the Dutch Treat away. I am enjoying the Caswell quilt and will sew on that.
      Kathleen Mary

  4. I like the Caswell block. You know I change things, too. =) The Dutch Treat looks beautiful, but I agree with putting it away for a while. The day will come back around when you want to do it again.

    • I am glad you like the Caswell quilt. I am enjoying sewing on it. Don’t know if I will make all the blocks. Only time will tell.

  5. I hope you can take today to recover….I agree, taking care of babies is a lot different from when we were in our twenties!

  6. I like that you change up the blocks to make them your own, I love the idea of babysitting too and I am so grateful when its over, those little ones have more energy then I remember.

  7. I started on block one of the Caswell quilt and got to the leaves. I decided there were just too many different prints in the leaves and want to cut some new ones and re-do. But yet I like it when I see others have used quite a variety of greens in their blocks. Have to think a bit.

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