The Ear

The last couple of weeks have been a right off for me.  I have had the flu.  Yuck.

Nothing worse than an ear ache.  No motivation when the ear hurts. Cannot

concentrate on anything.  Antibiotics are taken regularly.  Going back to the

doctor Tuesday. He might change my medicine.

I am apologizing to everyone who left a comment on my last post.  I am just now

able to read them.  I will be responding to them tonight.

My sewing has almost been nil. I did manage to add a couple of hexies, but not



Hope you sewing has been fun.

Kathleen Mary

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14 thoughts on “The Ear

  1. Ugh, an earache is the worst – at least as bad as a toothache. I hope everything is better and gets to best for you shortly. Your hex project looks great! That’s more than I’ve managed to paper piece in two weeks!

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