Kaleidoscope BOM

For some time now I have been looking for a BOM.

I wanted a BOM that I did not have to think to much about.

That means I wanted what I considered the difficult part to be done for me.

Choosing the colors and the fabric.

I attended a few different craft fairs and could not find one.

While reading blogs I click on any links found in the notes that referr to quilting shops.

After visiting many links, I found a perfect BOM.

It is called Old Time Kaleidoscope, found at Shiraleestitches.com.au.

I am in love. Perfect colors. Perfect design. Perfect material. Perfect directions.

What more can I ask for.  I am in sewing heaven.

It is a EPP design. It has only one design shape, the kite.

With cleverly placed kites, the kaleidoscope comes to life.

The remark from my husband was “WOW”. So it really must be stunning.


Sorry I can not highlight the link. I am on my notebook and have not yet figured out how to.

Please go to Shiraleestitches.com.au and have a good look around.

Happy Sewing Hugs,

Kathleen Mary


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