Hello Again

I needed a rest.  So I took one.

I love spending time with my husband, looking at pictures with my children, playing with our grandbabies, talking with my friends, digging in the garden, crafting and caravaning.  This means I have to reorganize few things.

 The blogs that I follow, I now follow on Bloglovin.  I find this easier for me.  I plan on reading blogs again and responding.  Also make lists.  Lists help me. I find when lists are made, things get done.

Quilts that need to be finished.  So far there are 11 that are listed on the PROJECTS TO BE FINISHED page above.  In 2018 the plan is to finish 8 of them. If more are finished that will be a blessing. But my plan is for 8 of them to be crossed off my list.  Belonging to a sewing group on Tuesdays, I think that will help alot. It will stimulate me to get sewing again.

Embroideries also need to be finished. At the moment,  know where two are.  That is enough for me right now. Don’t think I will look for more right now. I belong to a lovely group of ladies who get together on Wednesdays that mainly embroider. So I am reserving that day for my hand embroidery.




My Beautiful Granddaughter Katie lost her first tooth.


Blessings,                                                                                                                                                        Kathleen


6 thoughts on “Hello Again

  1. goodluck and great to have plans for next year………….would be lovely to be part of a regular sewing group but no such luck for me………..there aren’t any…………….

  2. Lovely to see your embroidery work. I would say you have plenty lined up to do in 2018! The process, the enjoyment of it all, is the goal, and I hope that stays number one on your list! I’m a little confused by your comments posts. On the blog template you’ve chosen for this blog, the comment box only shows up when you are clicked on a specific post, not when it’s in the main page with all the posts. But it looks like you figured that out. Did you change your template? Was that the problem?

    • Yes I changed my template. the one I was using is defunct. I could not figure out how to write a comment until i clicked on a specific post. How is your schooling? Still enjoying?

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