One Finished, One Started


I did make a big effort to finish the Bear Paw quilt for my son Matthew. I really wanted to give it to him for Christmas and I achieved my goal.. YIPPEE!


Dear Jane Lap Quilt

This is the next quilt UFO to finish.  At least I now where this one is located. I won’t have to go searching in the depths of the abyss to find it.

What needs to be done. 

 Hummm need to get it out from under the bed to look at it.

 Time to work on it.

That is what my brain is trying to figure out.  Today I was very tired and could not accomplish anything. But maybe tomorrow I might be able to sew twice as long. It is going to be hot here tomorrow so there won’t be going outside.  Hopefully my knee will be good to me and let me stand long enough to cut out the material that needs to be cut out. If that happens then hopefully my knee will let me sit at the sewing machine for a while.  I am crossing my fingers.