We are in the caravan at Jimmy’s Beach in Hawks Nest.  The weather has not been the best. Very very windy. Yesterday we had to take down the awning on the caravan and retreat inside. Unfortunately it is the same today. I enjoy the outdoors and feel sitting inside is a waste but we would have been pushed over if we stayed outside.

We did manage a couple of walks since we have been here. On one side of us is a beautiful bay and the other side is the ocean.  Swimming in the ocean would be a lot of fun here. The waves are very big and close to the sand.  That is a sign there is a drop off in the water very close to the edge. Not being a great swimmer we decided the bay side would be better for swimming. Hopefully the wind will die down tomorrow so we can swim in the bay.

I have managed to read a book, DIETING CAN BE MURDER by Susan Santangelo,

crochet, I found instructions for a basket on attic24 blog.  I am loving this blog.   sew a block for a charity quilt but I still need to cut it to 6 1/2 inches.and keep up with the embroidery on the Stitch Floral blog , Ceçelia Rose Stitch Along.I AM going to connect with TO DO TUESDAY.

Plans for this coming week.

1.   Crochet 5 rows on the Attic 24 basket.  I am slow at crochet. It hurts my wrist but I enjoy crocheting.

2.   Use the sewing machine.

3.   Embroider part two of the Botanical Embroidery Stitch Along.

Anything else will be a bonus.

Blessings Kathleen Mary