Applique Monday 18 April, 2016

 International Hermit and Stitch Weekend

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I did some hand sewing, although not a lot.  I wanted to embroider and embellish one cq block.  Well I managed the embroidery.  Took me all day. My own fault. I fell and hurt my sewing hand last Sunday. I could only sew about three stitches before I had to rest my hand.  This is what I managed to sew. DSCN2066

As to applique, I am sewing The 1857 Album Quilt from the Sentimental Stitches blog. This block took me hours to make because of my hand. My hand just would not co-operate. DSCN2062Had an X-ray today, have not heard back from the doctor.  Don’t think it is broken but I think I badly bruised it.

Happy Sewing Hugs,

Kathleen Mary

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Saturday Sharing on Sunday



This event will remain active from  Saturday morning – 11:59 p.m. Sunday night each and every weekend of 2013.  I hope that it will grow and flourish so we can take it into 2014.

I am making a small crazy quilted Something?  It consists of 4 large block. This week the 4 blocks were sewed together.  Then I added the lace ( but the lace is only basted) and sewed two seam treatments.


I sewed the seam treatments using the blanket stitch and then added beads. I really liked the outcome.  Enjoy.



Click on the pictures to see the stitches closer.

Also click on the logo above to be taken to Pigtales and Quilts. There you will be able to find other people and find out what they are up to this week.

Happy Sewing Hugs, Kathleen in Beautiful Nelson Bay, New South Wales