Stitch 5 Maidenhair Stitch + Lazy Daisy + Rose Montees

I don’t own montees so I substituted using three seed beads. I also felt the lazy daisy needed a little cheering up so I added a seed bead to them.  The thread is Frosty Rays by RG. IT seems to be a tube mesh with glittery thread inside the mesh tube.


No new UFO’s

This is my year to finish projects.  No new UFO’s for me. I should not surf the web.  That is dangerous for me.  I found a facebook crazy quilt challenge.  The FB page is called Joyful Embellishments.  I was not to start new projects but the lady running the fb page is telling you which stitch to stitch and how to embellishment it. I am hoping this will help me with my cq creativity.  I am a few days behind but I hope that on the weekends I will be able to catch up.  Stitch 1, Feather stitch and lazy daisy.??????????  My problem that I have now is: I want to add more embellishments to this. Probably will once I get caught up to the current stitch.


Feather Stitch or Chained Double Stitch

Feather Stitch or Chain Stitch – Double


In Sharon B’s Stitch directory the above stitch is called Closed Feather Stitch.  I also found this stitch in “A to Z of Embroidery Stitches 2” book on page42, called Chain Stitch – Double.  What ever you want to call this stitch, I enjoyed sewing this stitch.


Again in the A to Z book on page 48, I found the Chained Feather Stitch. As I was  stitching this stitch, I tried to think how to embellish the stitch.  Could not come up with a way to embellish so I decided to rip it out and I changed the closed end of the stitch to an open end, also gave the thread a twist.  The above picture is what I ended up with. I can see lots of embellishing possibilities now.

DSC_0006Now I will probably surprise myself with what else I do to this block.  I know alot of people work from a plan but I am not structured enough to do that. I just pick up my blocks and sew. I keep sewing till it looks good to me.