For RED LETTER QUILTS  in the  OMG: One Monthly Goal

My GOAL for July will be to finish this.


Here it is bound, with hanging sleeve and hung.


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Happy Sewing to you,

Kathleen Mary



One Monthly Goal June 2016

Heidi at Red Letter Quilts asked for tips for staying on track.  

If I had any good tips I would not be in this mess.

 I have a pile of UFO’s.

I promised myself this year  NO new starts,  No quilt alongs,  NO NO NO.

But I did,  I just could not resist,  the quilts were so pretty.  

Besides If I did not have any UFO’s I could not sign up to

 RED LETTER QUILTS  in the  OMG: One Monthly Goal

the JUNE  link is HERE.

My GOAL for June will be to finish this.



Happy Sewing to you,

Kathleen Mary



Hexies and More


I really want to just sit and sew and sew.

I am starting to get obsessed with the idea of just sewing.

Think this is a test from upstairs?  Maybe He is trying to tell me just to slow down a bit.

Anyway this is what I will be working on today.DSCN2113

I want to start putting some of the hexies in together. I can not wait to see the top finished.

Oh no…impatience.

I have decided to join RED LETTER QUILTS in the OMG: One Monthly Goal

the May link is HERE.

My GOAL for May will be to finish this.DSCN2019

A friend of mine gave me a baby panel to add boarders and binding.

I was doing great until I hurt my wrist. That is when the sewing went terribly wrong.

Not being able at that time to hand sew, I turned over the backing and the machine (blame it on the machine)sewed down the edge. WHY???DSCN2123

Next mistake was when the machine, (yes blame it on the machine again) started to sew the binding.

I just could not stop the machine. Now I need to rip out all the mistakes the machine made and resew by hand.  So here is to trying to fix the machines mistakes.DSCN2122

Happy Sewing to you, hope your sewing goes better than mine.

Kathleen Mary

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