The Ear

The last couple of weeks have been a right off for me.  I have had the flu.  Yuck.

Nothing worse than an ear ache.  No motivation when the ear hurts. Cannot

concentrate on anything.  Antibiotics are taken regularly.  Going back to the

doctor Tuesday. He might change my medicine.

I am apologizing to everyone who left a comment on my last post.  I am just now

able to read them.  I will be responding to them tonight.

My sewing has almost been nil. I did manage to add a couple of hexies, but not



Hope you sewing has been fun.

Kathleen Mary

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Babysitting has taken up my time for the past couple of weeks.

When not babysitting, time was recovering from babysitting.

Being 65 and taking care of a 10 month old is a lot of work.  I enjoyed it but it was tiring.

A  few Dutch Treat blocks were sewn.DSCN2360

I am not enjoying them the way thought I would.  So for a while they are being put away.

Today I feel like working on The Caswell Quilt.

It will be on my sewing table as soon as this post is finished.

Block A-1.   My block will be similar but not exact.   I enjoy changing blocks to make it my own.


My start.




Add leaves and  pomegranates

DSCN2221Add Bird

DSCN2232DO NOT LIKE IT.  Try again.


Better but still not great.

Now to play with it some more to get it just perfect.

But that is for next time.

Happy Sewing,

Kathleen Mary 

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Party At The Chookshed

I am linking up with Chookyblue  for the weekend.

Chooky is celebrating her blogging anniversary.

wordle 4th Birthday-754130

The weather for the weekend along the east cost of Australia is rain, rain and more rain.

That is good for me!  It will keep me inside.

No so great for other areas as there are already floods.

You can see some flooded areas on Chookys blog.

This morning my plan is to finish quilting this.


Come join in the fun!

Morning Hugs, Kathleen Mary

One Monthly Goal June 2016

Heidi at Red Letter Quilts asked for tips for staying on track.  

If I had any good tips I would not be in this mess.

 I have a pile of UFO’s.

I promised myself this year  NO new starts,  No quilt alongs,  NO NO NO.

But I did,  I just could not resist,  the quilts were so pretty.  

Besides If I did not have any UFO’s I could not sign up to

 RED LETTER QUILTS  in the  OMG: One Monthly Goal

the JUNE  link is HERE.

My GOAL for June will be to finish this.



Happy Sewing to you,

Kathleen Mary






Step 6.  The polyfuse stays in the quilt.  I do not want the pencil line that I drew on the polyfuse to be seen.  Use an eraser to reduce the pencil lines.


 Step 7.   Cut any excess fabric out of the foreground.DSCN2316

Step 8. Clip fabric where needed.


Step 9.  Glue the small pieces to the polyfuse.


The glue I use is a stick glue from the grocery store.


Step 10.  Use some type of fray stop along the edges where the cut points my fray.



Step 11.  Turn the foreground fabric right side up and place on the background.



Ste 12. Sew in place


If any steps are not understandable, please feel free to leave me a comment and I will get back to you.

Happy Sewing Hugs,  Kathleen Mary


A few days ago I was talking with Helen of Helen’s Patchwork Passion about a quilt we are both sewing.DSCN2310

Dutch Treat, if you sew all the blocks, has 196 – 4 inch blocks, sewn using reverse applique. I am blowing up the design by 25% to make it a 5 inch square.  4 inch is too tiny for my hands.  We discussed the different reverse applique techniques we used.   My technique uses glue.  This is how it is done using glue.

Step 1.  I cut a 6 inch square from the background fabric,  the foreground fabric, and  a product called polyfuse made by Matildas Own.



Step 2 .  Copy the pattern onto the polyfuse.  This is my version of a light box,  my glass end table and my lamp.


Step 3.  Cut out the areas that need to show up on the background fabric.


Step 4. Carefully peal off the backing paper of the polyfuse.


Step 5.  Place the glue side of the polyfuse on the BACK side of the foreground fabric.DSCN2278

Stay tuned for Part 2

Part 2  Here..

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This is one of the blocks from Dutch Treat.  I only have about 1/3 sewn. It really is slow stitching.


Happy Sewing Hugs,

Kathleen Mary





Unbelievable, I did it. I set myself a goal this month to finish a quilt and I did!  Yippee for me.

I will pat myself on the back.  I feel wonderful.  Yippee!  I have not finished anything in a while.

Before you ask, no this is not me.  I made this baby quilt for my friends grandbaby.

This is before the binding was finished.DSCN2240

Here is the quilt after the binding was finished.DSCN2247

Linking up to RED LETTER QUILTS in the OMG: One Monthly Goal   end of the month, IT’S FINISHED here.

Happy Sewing to you,

Kathleen Mary