BLESSINGS,                                                                                                                                                             KATHLEEN MARY

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Hello Again

I needed a rest.  So I took one.

I love spending time with my husband, looking at pictures with my children, playing with our grandbabies, talking with my friends, digging in the garden, crafting and caravaning.  This means I have to reorganize few things.

 The blogs that I follow, I now follow on Bloglovin.  I find this easier for me.  I plan on reading blogs again and responding.  Also make lists.  Lists help me. I find when lists are made, things get done.

Quilts that need to be finished.  So far there are 11 that are listed on the PROJECTS TO BE FINISHED page above.  In 2018 the plan is to finish 8 of them. If more are finished that will be a blessing. But my plan is for 8 of them to be crossed off my list.  Belonging to a sewing group on Tuesdays, I think that will help alot. It will stimulate me to get sewing again.

Embroideries also need to be finished. At the moment,  know where two are.  That is enough for me right now. Don’t think I will look for more right now. I belong to a lovely group of ladies who get together on Wednesdays that mainly embroider. So I am reserving that day for my hand embroidery.




My Beautiful Granddaughter Katie lost her first tooth.


Blessings,                                                                                                                                                        Kathleen

Kaleidoscope BOM

For some time now I have been looking for a BOM.

I wanted a BOM that I did not have to think to much about.

That means I wanted what I considered the difficult part to be done for me.

Choosing the colors and the fabric.

I attended a few different craft fairs and could not find one.

While reading blogs I click on any links found in the notes that referr to quilting shops.

After visiting many links, I found a perfect BOM.

It is called Old Time Kaleidoscope, found at

I am in love. Perfect colors. Perfect design. Perfect material. Perfect directions.

What more can I ask for.  I am in sewing heaven.

It is a EPP design. It has only one design shape, the kite.

With cleverly placed kites, the kaleidoscope comes to life.

The remark from my husband was “WOW”. So it really must be stunning.


Sorry I can not highlight the link. I am on my notebook and have not yet figured out how to.

Please go to and have a good look around.

Happy Sewing Hugs,

Kathleen Mary


One Monthly Goal AUGUST 2016

I can not believe it is already August. Time is going by way too fast.

I want to get more accomplished in sewing, family comes first.

Once again I am singing up to RED LETTER QUILTS  …..  OMG: One Monthly Goal

the AUGUST  link is HERE.

My GOAL for AUGUST will be to finish this.


It might take me a couple of months but at least

I am moving this forward.


Happy Sewing Hugs,

Kathleen Mary